Mist and Rocks

In August 2016, I went on a painting trip to Baie St. Paul, Quebec where I painted plein air watercolours and took photos.  This show is based on that preliminary work,  and was painted in the studio after returning to Toronto.  These are my thoughts as I experienced  the day’s transformation:

Baie St. Paul is a peaceful, expansive space with quiet colours and complex textures- sand, water, grasses, rocks, trees and sky.

Mist and Rocks

“Mist And Rocks”

The Baie feels enormous, a flat silver and sand plain bounded by hills.

Low Tide, Departing Clouds

“Low Tide- Departing Clouds”

In the morning, the tide is out, having flowed back to it’s source in the distance, the St. Lawrence River.

Tide Out

“Tide Out”

It is a misty morning, with leftover moisture from the previous’ day rain.  Cool morning colours give way to the warm afternoon sun.

Mist and Rocks

“Mist and Rocks”

Fog Burning Off

“Fog Burning Off”

Slivers of water remain, even at low tide, subtle patterns snaking through the sand.

Tide Out or IN

“Tide Out Or In?”

The grey mist transforms into white clouds set in a blue, blue sky.

Magnificant Afternoon

“Magnificent Afternoon”

Inland View- Full Sun

“Inland View- Full Sun”

Slowly the tide comes in, covering the baie with water; retreat to the jetty or the beach are the only options for those on foot.

Grey Sky, Grey Tide

“Grey Sky- Grey Tide”






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