Mission Statement

Gallery 1313’s mission is to promote creativity, learning and growth in the careers of artists, and to inspire passion and appreciation for arts and culture in the public.

Gallery 1313 advocates accessibility to contemporary arts and culture for artists, the community and wider audiences throughout Toronto and further afield by providing numerous diverse exhibition and event opportunities within its four exhibition spaces and off-site. The gallery supports the creative freedom of artists by providing an open framework in which to experiment and test out new approaches to artistic practices, exhibition organization and artist-led shows and initiatives. Artist-organized solo and group exhibitions are emphasized, however, exhibition and event proposals are also welcome from curators, collectives, designers, critics, scholars, students, community, literary, musical and cultural groups.

Gallery 1313’s open, multi-disciplinary approach to programming allows for new ideas, perspectives and forms in art and culture to emerge and cross-pollinate, prompting the criticism and generation of knowledge through discourse and debate around parallels and differences in contemporary practices. Gallery 1313 also provides much needed exhibition space for artists, critics, scholars, students and community organizations and is a vital supporter of arts and culture in Parkdale. Not only by providing space for local residents to express creativity, the gallery offers a welcoming centre for community engagement, exploration and enjoyment of contemporary art and cultural events.

Programming emphasizes the work of local emerging artists, and occasionally features national and international exhibitions. The gallery welcomes contemporary visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, participatory, video and new media. Submissions for specially programmed exhibitions are received on an ongoing basis. For more information about the exhibition spaces at Gallery 1313, please visit our Submissions page.

You can also contact Gallery 1313 for more details as regards exhibiting and event space rentals at 416-536-6778 or by emailing the executive director, Phil Anderson, at director@g1313.org.