Lillian Chow

The Wallflower 60×40 acrylic

Residing in Toronto, Ontario, Lillian Chow continues to take part in group exhibitions and publications. As an artist, her work is gradually gaining recognition for being unique, energetic, and difficult to miss. Canadian artist Lillian Chow’s work reveals the complexities of acrylic paints on canvas, enabling the infusion of imagery with a vibrancy and liveliness that captures the eye and excites the emotions. Drawing on her university education in psychology and a desire to understand the dynamics of society and civilization, she uses symbolism as a way to communicate her emotions and thought process. Her imagination wanders and flows to areas of the mind that prompt the need for their application through her palette onto the canvas. Scouring various sources of visual stimulation, she is inspired through the nature of things that assist her to solidify the concepts that come into her mind. Today, she continues to perfect her technique and abilities to mold her works into an identifiable form that can be recognizable and distinct. Often experimenting with concepts, techniques and subject matters.

Coneflowers & Butterflies 36×72 acrylic
Don’t Be So Koi 40×60 acrylic
Don’t Look Up 36x72Aacrylic on Canvas
Reflection 60×40 acrylic
Resilience 60×40 acrylic






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