Jacqueline Treloar

I am a magician. My work springs from ancient histories and legends, stunning light and colour. Its origins were formed from years living in England, Italy and now Canada. I ask questions. What holds meaning for me? What is my purpose?  My answers celebrate a personal vision; ideas, images and memories are sorted, researched, and stored over time and then put forward out of a desire to commemorate and honour that which is of profound personal value. Much  searching takes place within the archives of manuscripts, monuments, and great natural spaces, exposing the inner power and beauty that in turn forms the nucleus of a contemporary creation.


Mimi on the TTC
Lady in a Festive Hat on the TTC
Musicians suspended in space, Santa Rosalia festival, Palermo
Balloon sellers at night, Palermo
Balloon sellers at night in the Kalsa
Skye at Jimmys coffee
Miniature reliquery crown






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