Christos Damianos

Artist Statement

My work explores the theme of identity and perception. Drawing on memory, observation and media sourced from various platforms I distill from them a human presence often ignored. My studio practice is intuitive, experimental and rooted in a stream of consciousness. I often reference evolving contemporary social issues while focusing on the physicality of the medium in the creative process. One can glean elements of my background in education and conservation in the finished work. The use of repeated gestures, materials and marks speak to impermanence and the confluence of life and play. This haptic process of working and the invitation of the viewer to establish a relationship with my work are intimately connected. These sensory experiences can act as a catalyst to lost connections, personal memories and life experiences.

Christos Damianos (born in Tripoli Greece) completed a BFA at Western University (London, ON), a BEd in Art education at Memorial University (St. John’s, NFLD), Masters (Niagara University, NY) as well as graduate work in Art Conservation in which he earned Queen’s Graduate Award. Christos, while based in Toronto, also works out of his studio in Greece and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.








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