Chris Siems

I am a Toronto based artist working with acrylic on canvas. I am moved by colour and it has a tremendous impact on my sense of wellbeing.

While I have only been painting since 2017, I have a long history with art and design having previously taken foundational studies through OCAD, as well as focused woodworking through Passion for Wood. I have worked with multiple media including wire, resin, wood, plaster and most recently acrylic on canvas. Principally, I paint in abstract where colour is primary feature. Although I do occasionally paint figuratively, many viewers identify figures, and in particular faces, in my abstract work which have emerged purely at a subconscious level. Regardless of figurative or abstract, my paintings are expressions of my emotions.


Instagram: @chris.siems

Climate Change, tryptic, 20 X 24, 2019
Fall Sun, 24 X 24, 2021
Hidden in Plain Sight, 48 X 36, 2021
Hidden Stories, 24X24, 2020
Seascapes, 24 X 24, 2021
The Gathering 2, 24 X 30, 2020
Translucence, 20 X 20, 2020
View from the Other Side, 30 X 40, 2021






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