Bill Ward

My work represents various states of mind or poetic notions that are translated into visual form. The process begins with concepts, and the pieces develop as shapes, line, colour and forms are manifest in response to the concepts. Tensions in the works allude to the active process of feeling and reacting to the world. My artwork reflects my experiences and personal interpretations of the environment and connects me spiritually to the world as a whole.

My work is related to the ideas and processes of various other artists who have explored abstract art. Kandinsky referred to artists’ “inner necessity” to respond to the world around us and implied that abstract art is a discerning response to what is perceived. Robert Motherwell created artworks related to “the life of the mind and of the feelings.” Furthermore, art therapy and the work of artists like Dubuffet have suggested the healing power of art as an expression of inner thoughts and responses to the world.

I work in various media, including painting, mixed media, drawing, and photography. Exploration of various media stimulates my growth and inspiration, and I have been creating art for around 4 decades. Over the years I have participated in exhibits in Hamilton, London, Owen Sound, and Toronto.






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