Month: February 2017

  • “The Self” by Iuliia Kostenko March 1-12

    “The Self” by Iuliia Kostenko March 1-12

    Cell Gallery:. “The Self” by Iuliia Kostenko (Collection inspired by the works of the renowned psychoanalyst C.G. Jung) “The Self” reveals the symbolism of our unconscious, and also the influence of animus/anima in the formation of our psyche. Beginning with ancient times, man turned to symbolism in attempts to express himself, and to this day we…


  • MORE SEX March 1-12

    MORE SEX March 1-12

    Process Gallery : MORE SEX Curated by Phil Anderson The definition of sex and sexuality has and always will be open to interpretation. Each individual has his/ her own definition of what is considered sexual. What factors are recognized in the process defining something as ‘sexual’ or ‘erotic’? MORE Sex Show approaches the topic of…


  • Contemporary Explorations March 2-11

    Contemporary Explorations March 2-11

    CONTEMPORARY EXPLORATIONS a group exhibition from the York University painting program. Collaborative Painting Exhibition Opening Reception march 2nd, 6:30 – 9:30


  • Christina Damianos: Building a Fall Feb 15-26

    Christina Damianos: Building a Fall Feb 15-26

    Christina Damianos: Building a Fall Filling the empty void and occupying the only space.


  • ‘Floating’ One Night Only March 11

    ‘Floating’ One Night Only March 11

    March 11th  One night only event ! A live reading , dance performance & film . The evening will begin with a reading by best selling author Eva Stachniak from her new book, The Chosen Maiden.  Based on the life of Bronia Nijinska, the lush, sweeping story of a trailblazing artist and ballerina who charted…


  • Seem/Less February 16-26

    Seem/Less February 16-26

    Seem/less features the work of 16 upper year and graduating students from the BFA Visual Arts program at York University. Artists: Alicia Boylan Marnie Brandejs Samsam Elmi Ana Ghookassian Fabian Castillo Gonzalez Laura-Anne Graul Tyler Matheson Kat Myles Helen Olcott Scott Osborne Patricia Parian Miranda Parson Gabriella Pilieci Asra Sarfraz Katrissa Singer Kateryna Vatsyk The…