Grace Dam – Now What – November 8 – 19


Grace Dàm paints landscape, abstract, and still life works. Her love and curiosity about life are expressed and reflected in her art. This large group of figurative works is the core of her thesis on relationships and connections between people. There are stories to be told each day, from every corner and place. Dam’s artworks capture fleeting moments, quiet gestures and at times, unsettling emotions. They explore and comment on the shifting, unpredictable nature of life. These fast fading and vanishing moments are chronicled on canvas as her marks of time, revealing the beauty as well as hardship of humanity and the challenges in everyday life.

Now What is a rhetorical query with no definite answer. Perhaps best defined as a pause which muses about something unresolved.

Dàm’s dedication to the art of oil painting is absolute as she continues to develop and expand this series in figurative and sometimes abstract style on stretched canvas and other types of support such as mylar, sheet canvases. A few works on paper and canvas sheets in impressionism style are also included in this exhibition.







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