Month: April 2020

  • David Brown – Happy Dance

    David Brown – Happy Dance Messages from more innocent times. Our world has changed dramatically, quickly, and completely. I present to you this collection of “pre-pandemic” work as a love letter from the past and reminder of more innocent times. Happy days are ahead and silver linings do surround us. I hope these whimsical images lift your spirits… even…


  • BrideGroom Apollo-Gentiklees

    BrideGroom Apollo-Gentiklees

    Spring 2020 A Virtual Exhibition amid CoronaVirus Pandemic The images that flow as the viewer scrolls downward become a River of wordless sign-making. The signs themselves are both Obvious and Obscure, twinkling in the heavens as like fundamental metaphors of the earliest Human mind. Eventually, through infinitesimal refinements, they evolve toward the present, becoming beloved…