Tai Kim

‘Freedom’mixed media on wood panel 24×30 2018


Reflection on Tai Kim’s Arts. 


Tai Kim’s art works are the results of long fermentation of her Soul and deep firing of her Being through Life’s alchemy. In her work, we meet ancient grandmother goddesses of Korean Shamanism, Buddha, Jesus, “Jah” who is inherent God within each and everyone of us in Rastafarianism, and many mythological and historical angels, saints and prophets.

Tai Kim wants to say fundamental message of “One Love” which makes peace, justice, and fierce solidarity  possible in our world through her artistic symbols and narratives. She connects her personal sufferings and triumphs with historical traumas and victories of colonized subjects such as “Comfort Women” and enslaved African diasporas.

Her images sing to our hearts like Bob Marley’s Ragge music: “No Woman, No Cry.” “Get Up. Stand Up. Stand Up for Your Rights.” “And….Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right.” Tai Kim’s arts open our hearts and inspire us to believe in our power to create lasting peace inside and outside of us. It is her “Redemption Song” for our historical moment. She connects the Heaven and the Earth as a Shaman Artist. I send my respect, love, and light to this “Wounded Healer,” Tai Kim, for this Peace and Compassion exhibition.

Professor Tara Hyun Kyung Chung PhD., Union Theological Seminary, New York City



‘Abundance – 3 likkle birds’ mixed media on wood panel 24×30 2018


‘Smoking Tiger’ mixed media on wood panel 24×30 2016


‘Breath Birch Forest’ acrylics on Canvas 36×42 2016


魚樂圖 ‘Joyful fish Irie’ Acrylics on Canvas 30x 40 2016


‘Ravine Path’ oil on canvasboard 9×12 2021


‘Silk fish’ Hanging textile sculpture: Silk, crocheted copper wire, coral, crystal, Seed beads, Korean paper. gold treads. Ink. Copper bells.


Natural Mystic #2
Kaya now.
Mixed media on Jokjah format (silk scroll)
image size: 18x27inch total size includes silk part: 22x48inch


A ceasefire, Bunny Wailer.
13.5′ x17.5′ mixed media on Jokjah (paper scroll) format.






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