Mikael Sandblom

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Troxler St. Exupery

My new work combines photography and digital illustration. The pieces are printed on photo paper and laminated between an aluminum dibond backing and 1/8″ acrylic. The images are based on my photos of clouds and waves. Outlines, tracings, maps and diagrams are layered over the photos in a way analogous to how we interpret, map and analyze our environment. Throughout the surface, fragments of images float into focus and then recede as the eye moves on to other elements.

En Route to Howland Island




The work reflects a world where nothing is solid or permanent.  It’s our act of perception that brings elements into being and dissolves them again.  What we see in the world is not what is ‘objectively’ out there; most of it is a projection of ideas that we’ve formed or learned.




For me, these pieces are an exercise in self-awareness of the assumptions and presuppositions that one inevitably carries around. It may be impossible to see the world as it truly and fully is, but it’s easy to fool oneself into thinking that you can.

Lost Horizon – Spray








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