Joanne Shenfeld

I have painted and created all my life, drawn to and inspired by the layering and interplay of color, shape, texture and images in both artistic creations and real-life scenes. Much of my work takes the form of an abstracted landscape, evoking a colourful and whimsical imagined vista.

My art is about adding richness and depth to each piece by adding successive layers of work, gradually building up a dense and intricate surface. I start by creating an active ground using a mixture of acrylic mediums with collaged and embedded papers or other found items, including string, mesh, or cheesecloth. Once this is dry, I add color using a variety of paints and ink. I will also add other material, building up layers by alternating and intermingling color and collage. I enhance areas of the piece through line work, using water soluble pencils, inks, markers, pastels and very small brushes.

Grid Hill 7″ x 7″

My work was recently featured on the front page of the Life Section of the Toronto Star Newspaper:



Rainbow Hill 7″ x 7″
Pillar 7″ x 7″
Long View II 20″ x 10″
Peaks 20″ x 10″







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