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Gwen Tooth received a Fine Arts Certificate from Humber College in the 1970s and, from 1978, studied part-time at the Ontario College of Art and Design, completing her Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1995 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005.

Gwen has studied many disciplines with great teachers of painting, printmaking, book arts and textile arts. She credits Graham Coughtry for encouraging her to paint what she feels in her own style which is a blend of expressionism and Fauvism. She researches art schools for innovative instructors across Canada and the U.S. to expand her repertoire for painting and for teaching art. Gwen teaches classes in collage, approaches to expressive abstraction (acrylics), experimental approaches in water colour, and contemporary expressive drawing.

She has held several solo shows at Beaux-Arts Brampton Gallery: “Rhythms of the Sea” 2009, “Fauvist Style Portraits and Figures” in the “Art Cove” 2010, and a sequel exhibition “Rhythms of the Sea II” 2010. In 2012, she displayed “Contemporary Drawings – or are they Paintings?”, a series of black and white acrylic works inspired by the artist Kathe Kollwitz. She has also exhibited at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Visual Arts Mississauga and Gallery 1313.

More recently, Gwen has developed and shown series of work relating to the various characteristics and personalities of bodies of water – Whirlpool Variations, and Tsunamis.


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