Courtney Fairweather

Marshall McLuhan emphasized the importance of the figure-ground relationship. The ground is an integral part of artwork. Thus, I print not only on photo paper but also on metal, acrylic, and wood to reflect the nature of the image.

Courtney Fairweather is a fine art photographer who often focuses on small details in both the natural and the built environments. She examines the beauty and enigmatic quality of damaged surfaces, whether they be flaking paint, rusting metal, ice-encased vegetation, or crumbling Islamic tile work. She prints on a variety of surfaces, which reflect and foreground the nature of her subject matter.
Fairweather has a BFA in Visual Art from York University.

Instagram: cfairweatherx 


COILED 40.64X60.96cm Aluminum
HORIZON 60.96X40.64cm Aluminum
RISING 40.64X60.96cm Aluminum
SUN SCREEN 50.8×40.64cm Aluminum
FIRE SCREEN 50.8×40.64cm Aluminum
COLD EMBRACE 30.48X45.72cm Wood
MINARETS 10″X8″ Acrylic.
MAQARNAS 10″X8″ crylic
VANISHING POINT 30.48X45.72cm Silvered Metal






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