Cindy Y. Lam

I am an emerging Toronto based artist working predominantly in acrylics on canvas for my paintings.

Sky, sea and fur. These three elements always seem to make their way into my paintings. Sometimes together, sometimes just by themselves. These elements bring calm and joy to my life but most importantly inspire me to reflect upon both routine and monumental events in life. I hope my paintings evoke and inspire feelings of joy and/or calm whichever might be pertinent to the viewer at that moment in time.

My recent series of paintings are inspired from delayed trips across Canada due to COVID-19. I had hoped to catch glimpses of magnificent creatures from sea wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest along the Pacific coast to cold seascapes filled with glacial giants in Iceberg Alley. Until we can travel again, these are the blues and wolves of my dreams.

Cold Howl 18×24 2019
Cold Together I 24×24 2021
Cold Together II 24×24 2021
The Look II 16×20 2021
Beyond the Blue I 16×16 2021
Beyond the Blue II 30×30 2021






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