Alison Kruse

My mind is attracted to finding narratives where ever I can find them.   Storytelling is about unveiling the truth. Its how we communicate and seek out the emotion that brings us together. My work has always been dependent on folklore but wasn’t completely sure why until I did my research.  The more I look into different culture’s belief in folklore, the more I learn about my practice. For example, Icelandic culture is heavily dependent on respecting the spirit of the land and unearthing its mythic power. This belief seeps into everyday life because their environment has a presence of its own. I realized that space could be like interacting with people; it has energy that can control my emotions. Places can tell stories as much as people can.   Once I approached this to my work, I found myself faced with an exciting new challenge. Capturing likeness is not a goal of mine, but I like to discover the spirit of a person, a place, or something that I have made up. I am like a detective solving a mystery because I am uncovering the emotions that bring truth to my work. The result is presenting my findings to my viewer.

Alison graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Art and Minor in Art History in May 2017. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

King & Crossroads, o 2017 Oil on canvas, 9 by 12 inches
Madame de Williamson 2019. Oil, graphite, charcoal on board. 14 by 18 inches.


Good Girl 2018. Oil, graphite, charcoal on board. 36 by 48 inches


Sleepybop 2017. Oil, charcoal on board. 30 by 40 inches.






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