Month: January 2020

  • Karen Justl – Glitz & Glam – Jan 22 – Feb 2

    Karen Justl – Glitz & Glam – Jan 22 – Feb 2

    Glitz & Glam: Another Blue Day in a Nowhere Place Karen Justl is exhibiting a new series of paintings on paper, the the Cell Gallery @ Gallery 1313. This recent work depicts a loose gang of outsiders: luna moths, sly sidewinders, vampire wives, teen sabrinas & shimmering shenas. I have been working as an illustrator,…


  • VASA Presents: Ephemeral – Jan 22 – Feb 2

    VASA Presents: Ephemeral – Jan 22 – Feb 2

    Main Gallery: Visual Art Student Association (VASA) York University We are a student run organization that works towards the growth of our fellow artists at York University. We hold a variety of events throughout the school year at school and the highlight is our annual show at Gallery 1313!We strive to represent the diverse range…


  • Tari Ito – Feb 5 – March

    Tari Ito – Feb 5 – March

    WINDOW BOX GALLERY – Tari Ito Feb 5- March 2020 Video/Installation: Before the 37 Trillion Pieces Get to Sleep Tari Ito is a feminist performance artist who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Seven  years ago, Ito was diagnosed with a neurologic disease called SMA which  affects her muscles. The disease has progressed rapidly and as a…


  • Dakota Dimson –  ICONS – Jan 8 – 19

    Dakota Dimson – ICONS – Jan 8 – 19

    Cell Gallery: ICONS Works by Dakota Dimson Photography series that focuses on cultural Iconography and the aspiration for fame. I have always loved the large orchestrated works of Nick Knight, Annie Leibovitz and David LaChappelle and would very much like to work within the same vein as them. They’re known for photographing celebrities for magazines…