Month: September 2015

  • Cold Brew Horizon by Imre Hajagos

    Cold Brew Horizon by Imre Hajagos

    Artist Statement: I paint because, beyond the joy of pushing the paint around on the canvas, it helps me to better understand the world inside and outside of me. I am very fascinated with the universe, from its incredible richness and complexity as a whole, to the workings of the minute details expressed in quantum…


  • Darcia Labrosse

    Darcia Labrosse

    Metal Language III Darcia Labrosse   Covered by Art Toronto Darcia Labrosse’s beautiful corpses at Gallery 1313   Covered by Le Metropolitain      


  • Artees Sale

    Artees Sale

    T Shirts are $20 each limited sizes (S, M, L) in both women and men T Shirts by the following artists: Catherine Heard is an artist whose compelling, visceral, often unsettling work in a diverse range of media has been exhibited widely, across Canada the United States and internationally. Daniel Erban is a Montreal based…


  • Compromise Data by Morgan Skinner

    Compromise Data by Morgan Skinner

    Artist Statement: Compromise Data is a surveillance art robot created to stimulate discourse around the politics of surveillance. In the wake of the passing of Bill C-51 to become the Anti-Terrorism Art, Compromise Dataencourages participants to be active in their information dissemination. Compromising Data is a two part project, the first aspect is the physical…


  • Bound In Blue by Janne Reuss

    Bound In Blue by Janne Reuss

                    Artist Statement: Windows and female figures have been a recurring element in my work. But in this series, the curtains of my windows have been metaphorically transformed into drapes, *rebozos and veils. I am inspired by the symbolic content, and poetic beauty of this pure feminine object.…


  • Studies for a Wilderness by Neil Joseph

    Studies for a Wilderness by Neil Joseph

    Statement : Those who once were vibrant and in the world. These paintings represent some studies based on found black and white photography of people of who have lived their lives but remain as images. I see these canvases as only a starting point for further exploration.


  • Newsletter: Fall 2016

    Newsletter: Fall 2016


  • Stone & Plate. by Rachael Dodgson

    Stone & Plate. by Rachael Dodgson

    ARTIST STATEMENT My work explores art-making through a process that keeps an open discourse between me and my materials. My prints,comprised mainly of stone and waterless lithography, research this relationship rather than display any pre-determined representational imagery or content. My work is often created within the borders of found objects and limestones. Inside these boarders…