Month: November 2015

  • Self Portraits by Proxy-A Celebration

    Self Portraits by Proxy-A Celebration

    Artist Statement: The title of this exhibit is a play on and an homage to the great French photographer Robert Doisneau’s                     observation of his work that “My photographs are all self-portraits, done with compassion and a bit of              …


  • Art Salon 2015

    Art Salon 2015


  • An Amorously Familiar Act by Holly Timpener

    An Amorously Familiar Act by Holly Timpener

    Artist Statement: Holly performs as a way to challenge and understand her place in this world. She uses performance as a way of connecting to others and confronting issues related to gender, intimacy and beauty.  The themes of  trust, power and control resonate within her work. These themes are approached from a personal perspective combined…


  • Joan Malcolmsen

    Joan Malcolmsen

    ARTIST STATEMENT The pieces in this show are of two kinds – images of bodies of water, and the skies above them, some peaceful, some threatening, and a collection of small fragments of memory. Both relate to my concern for the thousands of refugees who are on the move, some braving risky water crossings and…