T.L. Davison


I have had a love of painting ever since I could remember, and having always received water-colour and paint book sets as a child certainly steered me in the direction of eventually being an artist, in a family of teachers and nurses; at the time the two most popular professions open to women.  It was expected that I would eventually follow in the direction of my siblings embrace one of those two professions.  Well, no one banked on an almost paralyzing case of hemophobia which immediately cancelled out any idea of nursing.  As for teaching, well, it certainly wasn’t my calling.  

The need to create Art kept beckoning, but I also had to battle with a sense of guilt induced by others around me, that I was engaging in frivolity, and I wasn’t going to get anywhere doing it.  So I fell into the trap of playing the part others expected of me, which invariably resulted in emotional disaster; the end of my marriage, and other failed relationships, because I was trying to be something that I wasn’t.  And that progressively eats away at one’s very soul until all dreams dissipate and you become an empty shell …you’re literally a walking dead existing from day to day….With no desire fall back into that headspace, free of any negative romantic entanglements, and schlepping around from one soul sucking temp office job to another, I finally fell into a situation where could pursue my dreams of being an artist.  While it wasn’t always easy, most of the time it was invigorating working in Hollywood North.  At times it was downright brutal, working outdoors for long hours in a Canadian winter …but …I felt alive!  And Creative!!  

By way of experience, I managed to pack in about twenty years’ worth of serious painting, where I have sold my work, participated in various Studio Tours.  I also displayed my work on a summer long basis for a few years in the downtown Toronto core with Kensington Artist Collective, of which I was a member.  My most recent exhibition was a group in-house exhibition at the artists’ co-op where I currently reside.

Apart from visual Art, the other great love of my life is writing, which produced two paranormal romance fiction novels with deep spiritual overtones.


Aurora Abstract   16″ X 20″ – Oil on Canvas
Boreal Forest Under Starry Skies – Sold – 8” X 10” – Watercolour
Cotswold, 24” X 30” – Sold – Oil on Canvas
Desecration Panel # 4 – 24 X 24 – Oil on Canvas
Desecration Panel # 2 – 24 X 24 – Oil on Canvas
Desecration Panel # 3 – 24 X 24 – Oil on Canvas
Desecration Panel # 5 – 24” X 24 – Oil on Canvas
Eyes That see In The Dark (Abstract) Oil on Canvas – 12” X 14”
Flying Home
Forest Under a Starry Sky – 8” X 10” – Watercolour
Max – 8” X 10” – Oil on Canvas
Mull – 12” X 14” Oil on Canvas
Rainy Day
Scotney Castle, UK – Oil on Canvas
The Magic of Autumn – 8” X 10” – Oil on Canvas
Tranquility – 16” X 14” – Oil on Canvas
Waterlily Pond in The Forest – 16” X 14 – Oil on Canvas






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