Mirren Hinchley

I am a Toronto, abstract, non-objective, acrylic painter who has been painting for the last 4 years. My works have not only been displayed in Toronto gallery shows but also online galleries in Milan and the UK with enquiries from Spain and Crete.

Over the past several years there has been an organic evolution in my painting style. I have found a way to express my inner emotions. My colours have become more dynamic, my marks bolder, twisting, curving, spiraling and slashing in all directions across the canvas using credit cards, brushes and sponges.

Physically and emotionally, I feel liberated from self-imposed constraints. Creative energy has been released that has been pent up in me and I have let myself go and let it flow out of me onto the canvas. I have discovered my true self. Painting has become the anchor in my ever-evolving life.

Website: www.mirrenhinchleyart.com

Instagram: @artbymirren












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