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Rentals & Submissions

Gallery 1313 welcomes proposals from collectives, artist groups, and individual artists. The space can be rented out for events, both private and public. All events held at gallery 1313 are subject to review, and must be accompanied by a proposal. Exhibitions run for a two-week period, although longer shows may be arranged. The gallery charges a rental fee, but encourages artists and groups to seek out project grants from various government and art funding agencies to cover all or some of their costs. Gallery 1313 does not take commission for the sales of art.  But we would be very grateful for donations!

Gallery 1313 has Four Distinct Exhibition Spaces:

The Main Gallery

Suitable for larger exhibitions, panel discussions, artist talks, small conferences, launch parties, receptions and more. The Main Gallery can accommodate up to 90 people seated and up to 120 people standing.

Main Gallery artists are can help with monitoring the gallery but the Members in the Cell Gallery are responsible for opening and closing the gallery. Main Gallery artists should send the director of the gallery promotional materials as early as possible and at least two weeks prior to exhibition. The artists should also let the director know of any special installations prior to the installation date. This includes painting of walls , hanging works from the ceiling etc. The receptions for all exhibitions are on the first Thursday of the exhibition 7-10pm.The artists must have a special occasion permit ( SOP ) if serving alcohol and either have a public permit or private permit . Artists can also do a split reception 6:30pm – 8pm private by invitation and 8pm-10pm public ( no alcohol ) . This is a preferable . If you are incorporated you can apply for a public license 4 weeks prior to the reception. You should also have a server and someone working the door ( if it is by invitation )

The Process Gallery

Serves as a laboratory for experimentation, and embraces the possibilities of transition and instability. It offers a place for artists to test out new works that are in the process of development. Gallery 1313 envisions the Process Gallery as a site for transformation and exploration. Emerging, video, new media, installation and performance artists are encouraged to propose projects for this space. Promotional materials need to be given to the director at least 2 weeks prior to exhibition

The Cell Gallery

Gallery 1313 is proud to offer the Cell Gallery as an exhibition space for members to show new work. Full Artist Members in good standing are eligible to submit ballots to a twice-yearly Lottery for the chance to win a free two-week exhibition in this space. For more details, please see our membership page. Members in the Cell Gallery are required to monitor the gallery for the two weekends of their exhibition Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm . They will be shown how to open and close and will be given keys prior to the weekend. Cell Gallery artists should contribute to the reception with food or shared costs of the bar ( depending if it is a cash bar or open bar ) . The artist should give the director promotional materials at least 2 weeks prior to their exhibition.

The Window Box

A projectile-like space that facilitates the production of innovative work by emerging artists, on projects that go beyond the confines of a physical exhibition space. Exhibitions in the Window Box Gallery feature work by emerging artists, and are organized by emerging curators.

The Window Box is located outside Gallery 1313’s main entrance in the courtyard of 1313 Queen Street West in Toronto. The Window Box is west-facing and receives direct sunlight. Heat and light sensitivity should be considered.

Receptions for the Window Box Gallery usually piggy back on the other receptions. A RSVP might be required depending on the SOP ( special occasions permit )

General Info   Please Note:

Floor Plan

Image Guidelines

Please submit JPEG files, 72 dpi, with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Image files should be no greater than 500 kb.

To ensure the images are viewed chronologically-and correspond with your image list- please format them as follows:
01. your name_title of work_the year the piece was created.jpg, 02. Your name_title of work_the year the piece was created.jpg….and so on.

Special Events

Gallery 1313 seeks artists, curators, collectives and other creative professionals to hold events at the gallery, such as artist talks, critical panel discussions, poetry readings, acoustic music nights and more, to compliment our regular exhibitions and create a forum for discussion, exchange and engagement.

If you are interested in renting one of these spaces, please contact Gallery 1313 at 416-536-6778 or by emailing the executive director, Phil Anderson, at

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