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Gallery 1313 Membership: Full Artist

Gallery 1313 Members include emerging and established member artists. Gallery 1313 Membership offers a platform to exhibit your work and to build your career while offering an opportunity to meet and support fellow member artists.

To apply for a membership, please include in your submission:

We accept submissions by mail or email: or

Gallery 1313
ATTN: Membership Committee
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto,
ON M6K 1L8

For more information, call the gallery at: 416-536-6778

Artist Membership: $150 Annually
Artist Members at Gallery 1313 are selected by the Membership Committee, made up of professional member artists, curators and arts administrators.


Cell Gallery Lottery

To participate in this lottery, full artist members MUST be in attendance during the lottery draw. Likewise, a member cannot have more than one solo exhibition in the Cell Gallery during the course of the year’s membership through a winning draw from the lottery. The artist must be a member in good standing, i.e., she/he has held a Gallery 1313 Full Artist Membership for six months or more, prior to a solo exhibition.

Gallery 1313 will promote your exhibition to various media outlets and on the Gallery 1313 website. Artists will be responsible for their own invitations, labels, and installation of their work in the Cell Gallery under the supervision of the director. Gallery 1313 will not take commission on any sales the artist may have during the course of their solo exhibition in the Cell Gallery. Gallery 1313 requests that the artist use Gallery 1313’s logo on all exhibition materials including invitations.

Member Expectations

Members are expected to attend our Annual General Meeting, participate in gallery activities and volunteer some of their time to help the gallery. Members must abide by our By-Laws and code of ethics in being non-discriminatory and accepting of all members.

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