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Phil Anderson has been the Executive Director at Gallery 1313 since January 1997 and during this time he has curated many exhibitions at the Gallery. He was  a founding member and former chair of the Parkdale Village Arts Collective (1994) and sat on numerous Board of Directors such as Artscape,  ARCCO Artist Run Centres & Collectives of Ontario, the Parkdale Arts and Cultural Community Board and the Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation.  He  helped organize festivals such Round Up and Third Rail and a founding member of the film screening collective VisionEdge. He was a filmmaker and directed several short films and also is a writer published in several magazines and newspapers … Now Magazine, Art Focus, Artery, Whats on Queen and others. He was publisher of a community newspaper the Toronto West Journal ( Distribution 20,000 ) and producer of an arts cable TV series, ARTS UP CLOSE.  He is a co-publisher of an online arts magazine and continues his art practice as a photo- based artist. He has received several awards such as the ACKER Award and the Queens Jubilee Award.


Marcia Bianchi, Board Officer
Marcia Bianchi is a contemporary figurative artist based in Toronto, Canada. Heavily influenced by psychology and the exploration of the mind, her intention is to create pieces that reflect our collective psyche. Bianchi graduated from the University of Toronto and continued to develop her practice as studio assistant to Canadian Painter, Michael Adamson. Since then, she has completed a studio residency with Akin Collective in the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, participated in multiple exhibitions internationally, and prints of her work are sold in the gift shop at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Georgia Gardner, Board Officer
Georgia Gardner’s interests are transnational and cross disciplinary- incorporating art, literature, and cultural studies. She has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Kent, and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English Literature and Art History from the University of Guelph. Her career in arts sectors have focused efforts in communication, gallery administration, arts writing, as well as social media management.

Shannondoah Malloy, Board Officer
Shannondoah is an OCAD University graduate, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. She has exhibited her work in several galleries in Toronto, with a primary focus on performance and self portraiture. Since graduation in 2012, Shannondoah has maintained her commitment to the broad landscape of the Toronto arts arena, and is passionate about cultivating an engaged community and accessible platform for new and emerging artists.

Shawn Postoff, Board Officer
Shawn Postoff is a trans-media artist working with fine art mosaics, sculpture, text, motion picture, and theatrical clown. His practice as a webspinner converges on the Internet, where he uses hyperlinked narratives and networked imagery to investigate modern, historic, and ancient concepts of queerness.  Concurrent with his studio explorations, Shawn has worked in a range of private, public, and not-for-profit fields, with adventures at Showtime Networks, Hot Docs, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Ontario Public Service.

Mikael Sandblom, Board Officer (Chair)
Originally born in Sweden, Sandblom grew up in Montreal and Halifax before moving to Toronto.  As Chair of the Board of Directors and a gallery member for Gallery 1313, Sandblom is deeply involved in the policy and direction of the gallery. He designs and updates the gallery website and is an active contributor to gallery exhibitions. Having studied both art and architecture, he sees his body of work as a series of experiments, exploring the expressive potential of various materials and techniques. His central concern is with the essential nature of how we perceive things, how our minds process visual data.

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