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Al Green Studio – ÄSTHETIK – Dec 7 – 16

An exhibition of new artistic works created by the members

of the Al Green Sculpture Studio

The exhibition showcases the scope of the studio members individuality not only in the choice of subject matter but also in the variety of available materials used to explore their concepts.
We are proud of the studio’s accessibility for those that have an interest in sculpture. The novice to the professional are drawn to our doors because of our comprehensive facilities and knowledgeable staff.

We would like to dedicate this exhibition to the memory of Sid Golden, a long-time  member, and former board member of the studio. Sid was an outstanding and committed teacher, professional, artist, role model and mentor. He will be remembered for his unique sense of humour, zest for life and the pursuit of excellence in all of his endeavors. He was a true renaissance man.

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