Mirren Hinchley – 👁️ CANDY – Nov 22 – Dec 3


One of the favourite things about the upcoming holidays is the candies that appear for such a short time. Many different faiths have sweets associated with their festivities during this season. The old-fashioned Christmas candies hold special memories for me. Candy canes, ribbon candies, gum drops, mints, peanut brittle, and the hard rock candies that came, and still do, in the colours associated with the season bring back a lot of childhood recollections.  I have brought together my past and present memories of these sweets and created a new series “👁️ CANDY”. I challenge you to explore the paintings on the walls in the Cell Gallery and think about the favourite sweets that are associated with your holiday traditions.  ENJOY!!

Mirren Hinchley is an emerging, abstract painter who after a successful career took up painting in this exciting new chapter of her life. Her painting process is based on experiential learning. She has been able to let herself go and express her creativity every time she starts a new canvas. She wants her paintings to reveal her joy of colour and texture, to entice and inspire the viewer to think and talk about what they have just seen. Her works have been displayed in juried Canadian gallery shows but also galleries in Milan, the UK & Venice. She is represented by Denison Art Gallery, Toronto.







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