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Drawn Together – Nov 22 – Dec 3


November 22- Dec. 3/23 
Reception November 23    6:30-9:30 

“Drawn Together” is a celebration of art and community that brings together a passionate group of artists and friends united by their deep appreciation for the human form. Meeting every Thursday night to draw from life models, this diverse and inclusive collective consists of artists at various stages of their creative journey, each striving to expand their skills in observation and representation. For over thirty years, the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and unwavering mutual respect has bound this collective together, adapting and evolving in various iterations.
Beyond drawing, many members explore various artistic disciplines, such as sculpture, printmaking, photography, music, and painting. This exhibition not only presents the incredible diversity of their work produced during and outside of their Thursday night gatherings but also invites viewers to immerse themselves in the profound appreciation this group holds for the visual arts. 
We hope that as you explore the art on display, you’ll not only experience a celebration of creativity but also get a glimpse into the tight-knit artistic community that brought it all to life.

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